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Marvellina has been blessed with a wonderful family and her mom’s wonderful home-cooked meals since she was young. Growing up in a small town in North Sumatra, Indonesia, home-cooked meals were big parts of her life. Her mom often had her helped out in the kitchen since she was a little girl. She believes those great times spent at the kitchen with mom has somehow sparked her interest in cooking.

Marvellina worked as a Registered Dietitian in clinical settings prior to moving and transplanted here in the U.S. and so she did talk a lot about cooking and eating, but hardly cooking at the kitchen. It all started out with the crave for comfort food from home. She often called her mom to get recipes and started to share recipes with friends through e-mails. She was struggling with what to cook everyday too. Her husband conceived the idea of creating a food blog on recipes she has tried and really enjoyed and she did buy into that idea.

The recipe archives continue to grow as she’s experimenting with different recipes from different parts of the world. To her, this is such a wonderful way to taste cuisine from different countries and to learn about different cultures while satisfying the palates. “Home-cooked meals are never boring again” has become her mission ever since WHAT TO COOK TODAY was founded and that includes sharing every tips and secrets she knows in recipes.

She then decided to be a full-time stay-at-home-mom after the birth of their daughter and son. “That’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in life. It’s one of the most challenging jobs in the world and I have so much more respects to all mothers. But at the same time, it is the most rewarding experience. Ever! Watching your little ones grow is one of the most precious thing in the world

Besides her family and cooking, she is also very passionate about peeking through the viewfinder of camera. “The view is interesting through the eye of the lens” She said. Marvellina decided to combine both passions, cooking and pushing the shutter button and VOILA, here they are! Whether you are here because you stumble upon this site through search engine or you are a returning visitor, she hopes you enjoy your visit here and find this cooking blog useful for you.

WHAT TO COOK TODAY is absolutely not possible without continuous support from her loving husband. He always believes in her and her passion for WHAT TO COOK TODAY and very supportive. She dedicates this cooking blog to her loving husband, their children, and last but not least, her dearest Mom (love you so much) and to her Dad who is watching over them from Heaven.

Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestion you might have below. Marvellina would love to hear from you and will try to reply as soon as possible. BON APPETIT!!

Cooking, Food Photography & Styling were done by : Marvellina (unless otherwise specified)
Cooking Gears: Passion for cooking, Kitchen to expreriment at.

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