Nicely dyed red eggs

How to make red-shelled eggs

Course: How To
Cuisine: American, Chinese, European
Author: Marvellina
A simple effective way of dying eggs red or any colors with food coloring that is commonly seen for celebrations like Easter, Chinese celebration like birthdays, baby one-month celebration. It works for any color too.
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  • Hard-boiled white/brown eggs will work
  • 1 tsp vinegar
  • 1/4 cup hot water
  • 25 drops red food coloring may need more depending on your food coloring
  • Cooling rack with a tray lined with paper towel underneath


  • Make sure the hard-boiled eggs are cold or at least room temperature and not warm before dying the eggs
  • In a glass bowl, mix hot water, vinegar, and food coloring
  • Few at a time, put the eggs in a bowl and use a metal spoon to scoop the red liquid onto the eggs, turning to make sure color evenly coats the eggs, you need to be patient and continue to spoon it over as you turn, this may take between 2- 5 minutes or longer for white shelled eggs and you may need around 8 minutes for brown shelled eggs. You will see the color will get deeper and deeper as you spoon the liquid all over the eggs to color them
  • Place the dyed eggs on the rack to drain. They will dry off in few minutes, but don't be tempted to touch them yet. I would even leave them overnight in the refrigerator if you have time


I use synthetic food coloring and usually, it works. I'm not sure how the natural food coloring will work