I just called my mom yesterday and asked her how to dye the eggs red. Red eggs are usually prepared for celebration in the Chinese culture. Whether to celebrate birthdays, baby’s one-month celebration, weddings, etc, you will see these red round eggs. Red eggs represent happiness and renewal of life. I prepared these for Fiorina’s birthday today. This was my first time making red eggs and more to come I believe :)

What you will need:
  • Hard-boiled white/brown eggs will work
  • 1 tsp of vinegar - this will help the color clings on to the shells of the eggs
  • ¼ Cup of hot water
  • 25 drops of red food coloring
  • Cooling rack with plate lined with paper towel underneath
  1. In a glass bowl, mix hot water, vinegar and food coloring.
  2. Few at a time, put the eggs in a bowl and use a metal spoon to spoon the red liquid onto the eggs, turning to make sure color evenly coats the eggs, you need to be patient and continue to spoon it over as you turn, this may take about 2-3 minutes or longer
  3. Place the dyed eggs on the rack to drain. They will dry off in few minutes, but don't be tempted to touch them yet. I would even leave them overnight in the refrigerator

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  • Shermaine

    Hello, greetings from the Netherlands! My baby turned one-month old today. I tried it. It’s easy and it works! Thanks alot! 😀

  • What To Cook Today Post author

    Hi Shermaine,

    Hello, Happy one-month old to your little precious. I’m glad it worked out :)

  • Kok chiang loong

    Thanks for the recipe.

    I will like to make red eggs for my friend as a present but I am not sure where I can buy the red dye.

    Is there a name or brand for the red coloring? What is the chemical name for it?

    Best regards from Singapore

    Kindly advice
    From loong

  • What To Cook Today Post author

    Hi Loong,

    I’m pretty sure you can find the red food colouring at Fair Price NTUC or any supermarkets in Singapore ? Sorry I can’t give you the brand name because I’m not familiar with the brand in Singapore. I don’t think you need chemical name for it, if you mention “food colouring” I’m pretty sure they can help you find it too. Hope you can find it soon.


  • Kok chiang loong

    Thanks for the advice

    I have bought the red dye at the market. I have tried a second time today and not much successful.

    After I pour vinegar on the egg, there is a layer from the egg that comes out. The layer of brown can be peeled off and the egg actually become like very light brown and even white.

    When I try to dye it, the colour does not stick to the egg.

    I spend a long time and crack a few eggs so I peel off the egg shell and eat one egg myself. To my surprise, the inside of the egg is already due red colour but the shell does not retain the colour from the dye. Even my hands and table and cloth are all red and the colour is not able to wash away.

    If I can take a photo to show you and you will know what I mean.

    I am not giving up.

    I will try a third time.


  • What To Cook Today Post author

    Hmm….I’m wondering why the brown color came off of the egg instead. I know that sometimes the brown eggs may take longer to dye (because the shell is thicker). When you dye the eggs, were the shells already cracked ?

    It’s not surprising that the dye is difficult to wash off when it gets on your cloth or hands, but after several washing with soap, it will rinse off I promise.
    Why don’t you try it without vinegar this time and perhaps add more of the red colouring ?

  • Iggy

    I just tried this for my daughter’s first birthday. I used cochineal (a natural food dye) but it didn’t work – so probably best avoided in favour of synthetic dyes

  • Marvellina Post author

    Hi Iggy,

    Thanks for letting me know. Yeah, I’m not sure how the natural food dye will work on the eggs too.