A while ago, my mom made some egg noodles manually (without a machine). It did work. It just took more time to cut the noodles into equal size. She decided that pasta machine would make life easier, considering how often she makes noodle and eats them too (like mother like daughter). We went to several stores to look at one and then off I went to purchase one from the internet once we saw the real thing. So, the ROMA traditional style pasta machine arrived few days ago and we experimented on it today. I think I had so much fun playing with this little pasta machine lol! I love the double cutter that can cut the noodles into spaghetti or fettuccine shape. Of course you can do other shapes too if you purchase an additional attachments. We just want to make regular noodles.

I just followed the simple instruction that comes with the machine. I used the same recipe my mom used when she made the Home made fresh egg noodles by hands.

1. I clamped the pasta machine (comes with the machine) on the kitchen counter, so as one hand is rolling, the other will be free to work with the noodles

2. I divided the dough into 4 and work with one dough at a time. I flattened the dough (flat enough to feed through the roller) and set the roller on the machine to 7. It has 1 to 7, with 7 being the widest and 1 the narrowest. I lightly dusted the roller with some flour. I fed the dough into the roller and I rolled the dough into a sheet several times on each setting (the more you pass it through the roller, the more “chewy” the noodle will be). I did not go all the way down to 1 (the narrowest), I stopped at 4, as it is the desired thickness I wanted

Home made noodles with pasta machine

3. Once I was done with the rolling, I dusted the sheets liberally with flour. I then fed the sheet onto the cutter (located on top of the roller). As, I wanted this to be thick noodles, I used fettuccine cutter… and voila…. the egg noodles :)
Home Made noodles with pasta machine

Home Made noodles with pasta machine

Noodle soup was what we had for lunch. I get to play with the machine and eat the noodles too! 😉 I think I’m going to get this pasta machine for myself too :)
Homemade noodle soup

Next, I think I’m going to make a fresh spaghetti or fettuccine….

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  • Liane

    May I know where you got the machine from and the price?

  • What To Cook Today Post author

    Hi Liane,

    I actually got mine from amazon.com. If I remember it right I think the price was around $25-$30. Mine is nothing fancy for sure. I know they have really expensive one too $60 and above.